Our full automotive shop is also here to satisfy all of your vehicle needs and is not at all limited to vehicles purchased from the dealership. It is open to the public and has been serving the community since 2001. We carry a full line of tires of every brand and every size, whether for your lawnmower, sports car, work truck, semi truck, horse trailer, or four-wheeler. If it has tires on it we can help you out. We also fix flats, rotate tires, balance rims, etc. Our full public shop is open to anyone and everyone and is here to serve you. Don't hesitate to call concerning a vehicle or service. Chances are IF IT INVOLVES A VEHICLE, WE CAN DO IT. Our goal with our establishment is to make it a "ONE STOP SHOP" for our customers.

One of the first things people notice about a vehicle is rims and tires. One of the first steps in taking any vehicle from ordinary to eye-catching is taking off the boring stock rims and replacing them with a custom look equivalent to the personality of the vehicle. We have numerous resources for almost any aftermarket rim you are looking for. If you request it, we will exercise all of our means to get them for you and help take your vehicle to the next level.

Our full automotive shop also specializes in oil changes of any type of vehicle. Lawnmower, four wheeler, fork lift, gas engine cars, diesel pickups, semis, tractors, if it has oil and a motor we can change it. We carry almost all major brands of oil (Rotella, Pennzoil, Quakerstate, etc.) and every oil change in our shop includes a full look-over of the vehicle. This means tire pressure check, checking rear and front differentials, grease, checking all under hood fluids and filters including transmission, fuel, power steering, air, and coolant. Also, ask us about our special Synthetic Oil Changes. We have an in-house oil from Texas Refinery Company which is one of the top synthetic oils on the market. This oil comes in all weights and is run in every one of our family and company vehicles and semis. This synthetic oil can be run up to 5 times longer than normal oil. On a passenger vehicle, such as a family car, it would typically require an oil change every 2-3,000 miles, with our TRC synthetic oil, our average vehicle goes at least 10,000 miles before an oil change. With our semi trucks, our trucks go over 50,000 miles before oil changes. This seems like it can't be possible but to reassure customers are not destroying their engines, every TRC synthetic oil change also includes an oil sample that gets sent off to the manufacturer to have a full test done to it which can determine if specific parts of your engine are deteriorating or if you have bad injectors and much more. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here to provide you with any and all information and service you require

Our automotive shop also specializes in Air conditioners. Charging, replacing belts or pumps. Give us a call or stop by for more information if you need air conditioning service and we'd be glad to help you out any way we can.

Every vehicle registered in the state of Texas is required to have a safety inspection sticker, and it is becoming harder every year to find shops that provide this service. Look no further, because we have the means and licensed employees to inspect any motor vehicle on the market. Motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, passenger vehicles, dump trucks, all the way up to semi trucks and trailers, we can get you fixed up hassle free.

If your tires are wearing on the outside of edge or bouncing you and your family down the road your vehicle could probably use an alignment. Let us help you eliminate road walk, vibrations, and premature tire wear on your vehicle by performing a four wheel alignment. Call ahead for an appointment and for any additional information.